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BBR PTE has been present in Spain since 1963 and has been a pioneer in both the prestressed technique and in certain construction techniques. Our product range encompasses all prestressing applications: internal prestressing, external prestressing, prestressing for building slabs and cable stays. We also supply bars, rebar coupling sleeves, etc.

Thanks to the wide experience gained in the field of prestressing, over the years our team has developed and executed projects in a variety of fields of special construction techniques: launched concrete and steel bridges, incrementally jacked boxes under railways, heavy lifting systems, slipforming, etc.

BBR PTE is made up of highly trained personnel, who are true specialists in both the preparation of equipment in our workshops and in its onsite application. Moreover, we have exceptional material means available. Our products have been subjected to a wide ranging programme of tests in official European and American laboratories; our equipment incorporates the latest applicable innovations.

In harmony with current trends, we adapt to the specific needs required of us by each project.

Thanks to our personnel, our wide experience, up-to-date technology and the support of our customers, today we are a leading company in the market.


BBR PTE Brochure (Spanish)

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