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Cable-stayed and suspended structures

BBR PTE has the technology and track record in the field of cable-stayed and suspended structures. According to the type of structure, the size of the cable stay, corrosion protection, etc, a variety of types can be chosen:

  • BBR CONA Stay: stays made up of steel strands, installed strand by strand.  
  • BBR HIAM Stay and BBR DINA Stay: stays prefabricated in the  workshop, made up of steel wires.
  • BBR CFP Carbon Stay: stays prefabricated in the workshop, made up of carbon fibre wires.


BBR HiAm CONA Stay Cable System (Brochure)

BBR Stay-cabled structures reference list


Images gallery

  • Bridge over A7 highway in Valencia
  • BBR Dina anchorage
  • BBR HiAm CONA anchorage
  • Bridge over Ebro River in Zaragoza
  • Bridge over Vinalopó in Elche
  • Stayed structure at the Valencia trade fair
  • Navia Bridge
  • Bridge over Ozama River in Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep.)
  • Stay cable bridge at the City of Arts and Sciences (Valencia)
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