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Heavy lifting systems

BBR PTE is greatly experienced in work involving the moving of great loads: lifting, lowering, shifting, relocating, propping up, transferring loads, etc.

There is a wide range of hydraulic cylinders available in terms of load capacity, dimensions and features.

As regards load capacity there are cylinders from 10 tons to 1,250 tons. There are cylinders from 80 mm in height, to be inserted into restricted spaces, to 1500 mm applications that require large movements. Depending on the work requirements, the cylinders may have a variety of features, such as: safety lock nuts, swivel head, high precision displacement transducer, pressure pick-up device, etc. Moreover, the hydraulic circuits and stations that activate them may be adapted to the most stringent requirements, such as synchronisation of hydraulic cylinders, load control, cycle programming, computer recording of runs and loads, etc.

Specialised staff and auxiliary means are made available for this work.


Images gallery

  • Reaction control
  • Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid
  • Palma Arena removal of temporary roof supports
  • Barcelona harbour
  • Lowering of temporary pile capitals of Navia Viaduct
  • Temporary support of La Muga bridge
  • Ferreiras Viaduct at Piedrafita Harbour
  • Building temporary support in Madrid during Sol Station enlargement
  • Lifting of steel structure in Cajamadrid Tower in Madrid.
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