17-Oct-2021 15:06:36

Incrementally launched concrete bridges

The launching of concrete bridges is usually carried out with friction units in the case of small or medium-sized structures and with cable units for large structures. These units include various sensors that control variables of the process such as the speed of the deck, pile deformation, pressure in the hydraulic circuit, etc, in such a way that an automatic action is produced over the launching mechanism in the event of alarming values being reached in these variables.

In conjunction with this, retaining units are available, which are synchronised with launching units when auxiliary braking force is needed to retain the deck in the case of downward slopes.


Images gallery

  • Barbantiño Viaduct in AVE Maside
  • Pont del Candi Viaduct in AVE Montblanc
  • El Cueto Viaduct in Asturias
  • Valle Viaduct in AVE Maside
  • Gurpegui Aqueduct in the Navarra canal
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