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Incrementally jacked boxes under railway lines

The incrementally jacked boxes method is carried out with the aim of minimising the interferences that the construction of a lower pass below a railway may cause in train circulation, reducing the said interferences considerably in respect of other systems (retaining walls, prefabricated elements placed by crane...).

The launching system used by BBR PTE essentially consists of the construction of a concrete box outside the zone where it will finally be placed. Subsequently the railway line is propped up longitudinally and the transversal beams are inserted, on which the railway line rests and under which the caisson slides. The box is then displaced, being  launched with hydraulic cylinders that rest against a reaction wall. The hydraulic cylinders have a synchronisation system to avoid turns or deviations in the launching process. In conjunction with the launch, the excavation front is excavated (in most cases by means of a backhoe excavator).


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  • Concrete box at Ventisquero de la Condesa Street extension in Madrid
  • Concrete box at Villaverde Station (Madrid)
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  • Jacks and drive beams
  • Concrete box at El Soto del Henares urbanization
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