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BBR's post-tensioning system was created by the Swiss engineers Birkenmaier, Brandestini and Ros in 1944. Since then, their innovative developments have marked the evolution of the post-tensioning technique all over the world. It has been applied in Spain since 1963, being the precursor of this technology. It currently has the most advanced techniques in the field of post-tensioned structures:

  • Internal prestressing
  • External prestressing
  • Prestressing for building slabs
  • Carbon fibre prestressing

BBR PTE has hundreds of references in Spain, in all kinds of structures: concrete and steel bridges, buildings, roofs, silos, storage tanks, etc.

Internal Post-tensioning BBR VT CONA CMI (European Technical Approval)

External Post-tensioning BBR VT CONA CME (European Technical Approval)

Unbonded Post-tensioning BBR VT CONA CMM (European Technical Approval)


Images gallery

  • Post-tensioning for buildings
  • External post-tensioning
  • Post-tensioning for bridges
  • Monaco off shore dike post-tensioning
  • Tank, silo and depot post-tensioning
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