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The method employed by BBR PTE consists in the execution, on the base of the construction, of low height double formwork in the form of the walls to be built. It is not fixed to the ground and is suspended over hydraulic jacks by means of trestles. The concrete is poured into the formwork, and as it sets, the said formwork is gradually lifted, activating the hydraulic jacks which "climb" along bars. This is a specially designed construction technique for works at a certain height of execution from the base which require large yields and/or monolithic finishes.

The main advantages of this construction method are:

  • Numerous operations are carried out simultaneously, which leads to a significant reduction in the execution time.
  • Greater quality is achieved in the work (finishes).
  • Standardisation of elements and executions.
  • Great heights of execution are reached (300 metres).
  • No scaffolding is required.



Images gallery

  • Sliding formwork sketch
  • Formwork lifting jacks
  • Silo at Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla)
  • Silo at Raos Pier(Santander)
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