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The Navia Viaduct awarded structure at the FIB Congress 2010.

Puente Navia

The International Concrete Federation (FIB) has awarded at the 2010 congress with the Special Mention, Civil Engineering structures category, to the Navia Viaduct.

The awards ceremony was last 30th May in Washington DC, during the opening of the third FIB congress.

The diploma was collected by Jose Ignacio González Esteban, head of the Structure Department of FCC Construcción, since he was the Project Manager.

BBR PTE works on this project were:


  • Internal post-tensioning BBR CMI and external post-tensioning BBR CME.
  • Deck positioning from the pile during the precast concrete segment projection process.
  • Macalloy 1030 post-tensioned bars.
  • Hangers type BBR DINA, made out of parallel wires.
  • Lowering of the temporary pile capitals using heavy lifting equipment.

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