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Lifting of the central spam of the Ebro Bridge at Deltebre.

Tramo central puente Deltebre

Last 30th June, BBR PTE made the river navigation and lifting of the central spam (steel structure) of the new Bridge over the Ebro River at Deltebre, of behalf of FCC Construcción.

The full navigation and lifting operation was performed in less than 12 hours, and was done according to plan. The navigation was done with the support of the company VSL.

The weight of the bridge segment was 550 tons. For the navigation, 4 monojacks each pulling one post-tensioning strand were used. The equipment used for the lifting was made up of 4 Heavy Lifting jacks for 19 PT strands. In addition to this operation, BBR PTE will install 4 73 strand tendons acting as stays, each 250 meters long.


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