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The development of the BBR Post-tensioning systems started at the beginning of the 1940's when three young civil engineers graduated form the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology met. The first letter of their names, Birkenmaier, Brandestini and Ros, combined to form the name of the BBR Company, which was founded in 1944. 

Since then, their developments have leaded the evolution of the post-tensioning techniques all around the world.

BBR is present in Spain since 1963. During those more than 40 years, BBR PTE has been involved in the construction of hundreds of bridges and structures.
Implementing and developing technical solutions for both Post-tensioned and Cable Stayed structures, and special construction techniques such as heavy load handling,
bridge launching, etc.

10 years ago BBR PTE started a internationalization process, establishing delegations in Rumania, Bulgaria and Portugal, and performing sporadic jobs in other European and Central America countries.


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